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It’s the fourth year since Triplicity started their music journey, continuously delving deeper into their sonic adventures, day by day. It’s really difficult to put a label on the music of Triplicity; however, Panos, George and Panagiotis devised their own term for that: future fusion – and a fusion (of many, many things) it is! This music is equally inspired by the jazz spirit of the 60s, the attitude of prog-rock, electronica’s psychedelic excursions, chamber music ethos and world music ancient wisdom. This melting pot mindset is ever-present from day one (the trio actually started as the rhythm section of a friend’s saxophonist quartet and quickly realized that it has a life of its own) and continues to be at the core of the aesthetic directions of Triplicity.

Triplicity operate in a leader-less mode, a creative process that’s getting rare these days, forming a dedicated group of people contributing according to their capacities and desire. With mutual respect for the taste of each member and a democratic stance towards decision making, Triplicity always find a common ground, creating their unique sonic blend.

At the dawn of 2016, after intense gigging and rehearsing, Triplicity released their audiovisual debut Birth of the Sun, a collection of compositions that, despite featuring a lot of through-composed material, focus on the energy and group playing, bringing on the table influences from the modern jazz and rock world and from the west African and south Indian music traditions. Triplicity enlisted three world class musicians to complete their musical vision: Chad Lefkowitz-Brown on tenor sax, Tammy Scheffer on vocals and Pete Lockett on percussion. Drummer Panos Vassilopoulos remembers: “Those sessions were full of excitement where anything could happen; we were recording live in the studio while filming the whole process at the same time. Scary in a way but lot’s of fun!”. Since the release of Birth of the Sun, Triplicity continued to experiment on stage and in the studio with various guest musicians and producers including ney master Harris Lambrakis, and legendary Greek drummer and producer George Trandalidis.

The presence of technology and electronic gear is clearly evident during the performances of Triplicity. “Using the options that technology has to offer, while maintaining the aesthetics of the traditions that we respect and serve as musicians, is among the cornerstones of Triplicity’s musical vision. This way, we manage to sound fresh and sound full” says guitarist George Stavroulakis. The goal of this extensive use of technology is to augment the sonic abilities of the trio to those of a quartet – or even a quintet sometimes while sharing responsibilities in the sound spectrum. Melodies may be heard from the bass guitar, harmonies and chords may be triggered from a drum pad while the low end may be covered by the electric guitar. Possibilities are limitless: one for all, all for one!

Always eager to explore new sounds and different compositional and improvisational tools harnessing both individual and team work, Triplicity meticulously prepare new material for their second release. Bassist Panagiotis Bourazanis thinks of the compositional process this way: “Our ultimate goal is to, hopefully, create something profound and detailed but no matter what, accessible and contemporary at the same time. We are constantly working and provide the time necessary for our sonic palette and musical language to mature, so we are striving to take our time in an era full of momentary flashes. It’s a trial and error thing and we treat it with respect”.

Triplicity are always willing to take chances so you never know what to expect from them in every show, video or audio release – except maybe one thing: honest and adventurous music. The future seems exciting, stay tuned!

  • George Stavroulakis
    Award-winning multi-idiom Athens-based Greek guitarist George Stavroulakis has built a varied career as a performer, composer and producer. As a performer, he has been both a sideman and a band leader for over 10 years. Besides his performances with Triplicity featuring renowned international artists such as sax phenom Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, award-winning multi-percussionist Pete Locket and drum ambassador Dom Famularo, George has been part of domestic and international performances, live, on radio and on TV with piano prodigy Joey Alexander, NY-based saxophonist Jay Rodriguez and some of the most important musicians of the Greek jazz scene including Yiotis Samaras, Kostas Konstantinou, George Georgiadis, Nikos Sidirokastritis and Nikos Kapilidis. George has recorded for Universal Music with O3, featuring Michael Evdemon and Dimitris Klonis (2012), performing original music composed by Michael and him. George is also active as an educator, having conducted a series of masterclasses in music schools and guitar camps featuring his unique blend of styles and sounds. George is endorsing ControllerHub 8 by Amelia's Compass
  • Panagiotis Bourazanis
    Panagiotis Bourazanis was born in Athens, Greece in 1983 and in the age of fourteen started studying the electric bass at the National conservatory. He continued further studies on bass with Yiotis Kiourtsoglou at Nakas Conseratory and also studied musicology at the University of Athens during the same period. He has atttended clinics and private lessons/classes in jazz harmony, improvisation, composition and performance with some world class musicians such as Sami Amiris, Gregory Danis, Anthony Jackson, Ronan Guilfoyle, Ric Fierabracci, Jeff Berlin etc. His passion for music as a whole, and from the point of view of not only a performer of bass guitar but also of a music explorer, led him to seek further studies with great teachers such as Michail Travlos (harmony, compositional techniques), Tasos Kazaglis (classical contrabass) and study extensively Music Therapy under the guidance of Dimitris Psychas. As a performer and session musician, he has shared the stage and the studio with many artists and groups of diverse styles (Joaquin Grillo, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown, Thanasis Papakonstantinou & Night on Earth, Kevin Yost, Pete Lockett, Monitor, Nukeleus, N.Kapilidis & the jazz Utopia, Tammy Scheffer, Groove Elation Project, Courtney Parker and many more). He also teaches electric bass regularly at Nakas Conservatory and at the municipal conservatory of Peristeri.
  • Dimitris Klonis
    Dimitris Klonis was born in Athens in 1984. By the age of 14 he begins his studies on the drumset under the guidance of Petros Daktilidis. Later on the great John Floros enters his life and as a result he passes him the drumming knowledge and legacy that he was taught from the great master Alan Dawson. In 2010 and slightly after Dimitris’ graduation from National Technical University of Athens, he is immediately accepted in Conservatorium Van Amsterdam but also in Rotterdam Jazz Academy. He studies for a very short period in Amsterdam where he had the chance to take lessons from Lucas Van Merwijk, Maurcel Serierse and Victor Oskam. He has also studied jazz harmony with Gregory Batsis and holds a degree in harmony (2009) and a degree in counterpoint(2012). He has attended clinics an private lessons with giants like Adam Nussbaum, Kendrick Scott, Jojo Mayer and Akira Jimbo. Within the years he has collaborated with great local jazz musicians such as Yiotis Samaras, George Kontrafouris, Pantelis Mpenetatos, Takis Paterelis, Kostas Konstantinou, Dimitris Sevdalis and Vasso Dimitriou as well as some foreign artists like Femi Temowo(Roots,Amy Winehouse), Michael Weisberger(Milo Z), Aline de Lima, Adedeji Adetayo, Yoel Soto. He has also collaborated with Foivos Delivorias, Martha Fritzila , Petros Theotokatos and Doros Dimosthenous. He currently lives in Athens, where he is envolved in lots of projects, gigging, recording and teaching.



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